California Health and Safety Code
Sec. § 57005


Commencing January 1, 1994, each board, department, and office within the agency, before adopting any major regulation, shall evaluate the alternatives to the requirements of the proposed regulation that are submitted to the board, department, or office pursuant to paragraph (7) of subdivision (a) of Section 11346.5 of the Government Code and consider whether there is a less costly alternative or combination of alternatives which would be equally as effective in achieving increments of environmental protection in a manner that ensures full compliance with statutory mandates within the same amount of time as the proposed regulatory requirements.


For purposes of this section, “major regulation” means any regulation that will have an economic impact on the state’s business enterprises in an amount exceeding ten million dollars ($10,000,000), as estimated by the board, department, or office within the agency proposing to adopt the regulation in the assessment required by subdivision (a) of Section 11346.3 of the Government Code.


On or before December 31, 1994, after consulting with the Secretary of Trade and Commerce, the director or executive officer of each board, department, and office within the agency, and after receiving public comment, the secretary shall adopt guidelines to be followed by the boards, departments, and offices within the agency concerning the methods and procedures to be used in conducting the evaluation required by this section.
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