CA Health & Safety Code Section 52511

The agency may make commitments to qualified mortgage lenders to make contracts for buy-down mortgage plans which conform to this part.
The agency may require the payment to the agency of a commitment fee to cover agency costs in extending such commitments and associated administrative costs, except that the total of commitment fees pursuant to this section and the projected recovery of administrative costs pursuant to Sections 52512 and 52514 shall not exceed the costs reasonably expected, in a prudent manner, to be incurred by the agency in the implementation of this part.
Commitments shall be made by the agency, acting through the policy committee, in a manner to best serve the purposes of this part and the interests of the first-time home buyer in the various geographical areas of this state, in varying forms of ownership where feasible, and including purchase of previously occupied housing, existing but not previously occupied housing, and housing to be constructed (with preference to housing which can be marketable within three months of the date of the commitment).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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