CA Health & Safety Code Section 51650


(1) To be qualified for loan insurance, a borrower shall be, or by reason of a loan insured pursuant to this part shall become, the owner of a multifamily rental housing development or a single-family residential structure for which an insured loan is authorized, and shall be able to bear the usual expenses of maintaining the housing development, development, or structure and repay the loan.


To be qualified for loan insurance on a single-family residential housing unit, the borrower shall also do either of the following:


Qualify as a person or family of low or moderate income, as that term is defined in Section 51603.


Until January 1, 2011, otherwise meet the requirements for participation in an affordable housing program or product offered by the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association (Freddie Mac).


The agency may, by resolution, establish additional requirements that it deems necessary to accomplish the purposes of this part.


For the purpose of increasing the efficiency and minimizing the cost of the loan insurance program, the agency may insure or issue commitments to insure loans upon the certification of an officer of an approved lending institution that the borrower is qualified for loan insurance according to eligibility requirements specified by the agency.


No later than January 1, 2009, the agency shall report to the chairs of the housing committees of the Senate and the Assembly on the types of programs that were offered pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (2) of subdivision (a).
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