CA Health & Safety Code Section 51366

The agency, in its discretion and pursuant to agreements with bondholders, may create and establish one or more special accounts in the California Housing Finance Fund, which shall be known as “bond reserve funds,” and shall pay into each such bond reserve fund (1) any moneys appropriated and made available by the Legislature for the purpose of such fund, (2) any proceeds of sale of bonds to the extent provided in the resolution or resolutions of the agency authorizing the issuance thereof, and (3) any other moneys which the agency may make available for the purpose of such bond reserve fund from any other source or sources. All moneys held in any bond reserve fund, except as otherwise provided in this part, shall be used, as required, solely for the payment of the principal of bonds secured in whole or in part by such fund, for the sinking fund payments authorized by this part with respect to such bonds, for the purchase or redemption of such bonds, for the payment of interest on such bonds, or for the payment of any redemption premium required to be paid when such bonds are redeemed prior to maturity. However, moneys in a bond reserve fund shall not be withdrawn therefrom at any time in such amount as would reduce the amount of the bond reserve fund to less than the minimum bond reserve fund requirement established for such fund, as provided in Section 51367, except for the purpose of making, with respect to bonds secured in whole or in part by such fund, payment when due of principal, interest, redemption premiums, and the sinking fund payments, as provided in this part, for the payment of which other moneys of the agency are not available. Any income or interest earned by, or increment to, any bond reserve fund due to the investment thereof may be transferred by the agency to other funds or accounts of the agency to the extent it does not reduce the amount of the bond reserve fund below the minimum bond reserve fund requirement for such fund.
In computing the amount of bond reserve funds for purposes of this section, securities in which all or a portion of such funds are invested shall be valued at par, if purchased at par, and shall be valued at amortized value, as such term is defined by resolution of the agency, if purchased at other than par.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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