CA Health & Safety Code Section 51302

Upon application by a local agency supplying such supporting information and data as the agency may require, the agency may designate an area within a city or county as a concentrated rehabilitation area if it makes the following findings:


The area was selected by the legislative body after citizen participation.


The area is an area of substantial deterioration of residential structures, as evidenced by a significant number of older and deteriorating residential structures in such area requiring rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation assistance is necessary to enable and encourage residents in such area to cooperate in a local program of concentrated enforcement of rehabilitation standards.


Rehabilitation of residential structures will arrest deterioration in the area.


Rehabilitation of residential structures in the area is economically feasible.


The local agency has offered to contract with the agency to (1) provide necessary supporting neighborhood public improvements and services, such as street improvements, landscaping and acquisition of open space, undergrounding of utility lines, and construction of drainage facilities in the area for which eligibility has been requested, and (2) provide concentrated and continuing enforcement of rehabilitation standards in such area.


The local agency has agreed to make every effort to prevent unnecessary displacement in accomplishing rehabilitation and has an adequate program of relocation advisory assistance for persons unavoidably displaced due to rehabilitation.


The supply of housing available to very low income households at affordable rents and the supply of housing available to other persons and families of low or moderate income at affordable rents will not be reduced within the area because those displaced will receive relocation payments and be able to obtain standard housing in the area. Alternatively, standard housing will be available at affordable rents in equally desirable neighborhoods, expanding the range of housing opportunities for minorities and lower income households.


The local agency has adopted a housing element in compliance with Section 65302 of the Government Code, and with housing element guidelines, which sets forth an effective plan for systematic enforcement of state and local building and housing standards throughout its jurisdiction.


The application is consistent with local housing assistance plans adopted pursuant to the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-383).


The local agency has satisfied such other pertinent criteria as the agency may by regulation require.
( l) The local agency has investigated the current and planned levels of public transit service for the area.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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