CA Health & Safety Code Section 50904

The representation of varied interest groups on the board shall be deemed essential to obtain information for the development of policy and decisions of the board. Notwithstanding Section 1090 of the Government Code, it shall not be a conflict of interest for an official of any local public entity or a resident of any affordable housing, or a director, officer, stockholder, or employee of any savings and loan institution, investment banking firm, brokerage firm, commercial bank or trust company, architectural firm, insurance company, labor union, or any other person, association, or corporation to serve as a member of the board. If any board member has a financial interest in any matter before the board for a decision, that interest shall be disclosed as a matter of official public record. The board member shall not attempt to influence, participate in deliberations concerning, or vote as to that matter.
Violation of this section constitutes grounds for disqualification from office as a board member. Violation of the disclosure requirements of this section constitutes a misdemeanor under Section 91000 of the Government Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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