CA Health & Safety Code Section 50785


In determining the eligibility for and amount of loans pursuant to this chapter, the department shall take into consideration, among other factors, all of the following:


The reasonableness of the conversion costs relating to repairs, rehabilitation, construction, or other costs.


Any administrative and security factors affecting the department’s program operation and administration.


Whether or not the projects complement the implementation of a local housing program to preserve or increase the supply of housing for persons and families of low or moderate income.


Whether or not state funds are utilized in the most efficient and effective manner.


In the case of a loan to a qualified nonprofit housing sponsor or to a local public entity, evidence of resident participation in the conversion and management of the park, in the form of either resident participation on the board of directors of the entity that acquires ownership of the park, or the establishment of, and consultation with, a permanent resident advisory board.


To the extent consistent with requests for assistance, the department shall allocate funds available for the purposes of this chapter throughout the state in accordance with identified housing needs, including seeking to allocate not less than 20 percent to rural areas.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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