CA Health & Safety Code Section 50714


The San Diego County Farmworker Housing Account is hereby established, to be administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, through its Office of Migrant Services pursuant to the authority granted in Sections 50406 and 50710, to assist in the financing, development, and operation of up to 500 family housing units for year-round use by migrant or nonmigrant farm labor employees and their families. The sponsor shall seek federal, state, and local financial and in-kind assistance in the development of this housing, but the lack of that assistance shall not be a prerequisite for obtaining financing under this section for the development and operation of family housing units.


The department shall ensure that the housing is operated on the same basis as other state-financed housing assisted pursuant to this chapter, except that there shall be no limitation set on the term of tenancy if the project is operated for nonmigrant farmworkers.


The department shall award funds pursuant to this section to project sponsors who demonstrate that they are capable of effectively serving the housing needs of migrant or other farmworkers in San Diego County. The year-round use required by subdivision (a) for migrant centers may be interrupted as necessary to close the housing for maintenance purposes and to allow new migrant farmworker families to obtain housing. The project sponsor shall also demonstrate his or her capability of ensuring the project’s fiscal integrity and maintaining the project in a decent, safe, and sanitary manner for at least 25 years.


The department shall use funds appropriated by the Legislature for purposes of this section. The appropriated funds may be used for the costs permitted by, or pursuant to, subdivisions (b) to (e), inclusive, of Section 50712.5. For purposes of soliciting and awarding funds pursuant to this section, the department is not required to promulgate regulations.


To be eligible for funding, a project sponsor shall make a contribution to the housing assisted under this section. However, if the housing sponsor can demonstrate that it does not have the capability to make that contribution, no contribution shall be required. A contribution, for purposes of this subdivision, may be in the form of a writedown of land costs, fee waiver, direct equivalent financial contribution, or any other incentives of financial value.


The department shall accept proposals from project sponsors commencing November 15, 1989, and until all funds reappropriated for the purpose of this section are awarded. The department shall award grants to project sponsors commencing September 1, 1990.
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