CA Health & Safety Code Section 50667

In those counties and cities in which the California Housing Finance Agency has allocated funds for mortgage loans for rehabilitation of housing developments pursuant to Section 51311, a person or family of low or moderate income who is the owner of an owner-occupied housing development may receive a deferred-payment rehabilitation loan for the excess of the cost of meeting rehabilitation standards over the amount of mortgage-loan financing the agency is able to provide without exceeding the owner’s ability to afford the monthly payments required. Owners of rental housing developments in such counties and cities may receive deferred payment loans if necessary to avoid increases in monthly debt service which would result in rent increases causing permanent displacement of persons of low income residing in the housing development prior to rehabilitation, and if the owner accepts a mortgage loan from the agency with its limitation of rents and profits. Owners of rental housing developments in such counties and cities may also receive deferred-payment rehabilitation loans in the amount, if any, necessary to avoid such increases in monthly debt service as would make it economically infeasible to accept subsidies available to provide affordable rents to persons of low income if the owner agrees to accept such subsidies.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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