CA Health & Safety Code Section 50663

The department may contract with a local public entity or nonprofit corporation to provide any portion of uncommitted funds in the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Fund for making deferred-payment rehabilitation loans through such local public entity or nonprofit corporation in aid of a (a) rehabilitation loan program conducted in a concentrated rehabilitation area designated pursuant to Section 51302; (b) residential rehabilitation financing program conducted pursuant to Part 13 (commencing with Section 37910) of Division 24; (c) systematic enforcement program for which the California Housing Finance Agency has allocated funds for mortgage loans pursuant to Section 51311; (d) code enforcement agency repairing substandard dwellings following the owner’s failure to commence work following a final notice or order from the enforcement agency; (e) program conducted by the agency in a mortgage assistance area, provided such area is located in a rural area; or (f) rehabilitation or code enforcement program being undertaken by a local public entity or nonprofit corporation in an area in which federal funds are being used or will be used in conjunction with the program established pursuant to this chapter. Eligibility for such loans shall be governed by the provisions of Sections 50664, 50665, 50666, 50667, 50667.5, or 50668.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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