CA Health & Safety Code Section 50501

The department may furnish counseling and guidance services to aid any governmental agency or any private or nonprofit organization or persons in securing the financial aid or cooperation of government agencies in the undertaking, construction, maintenance, operation, or financing of housing for Indians, farm laborers and their families, persons and families displaced by action of any state or local public entity, workers engaged in cutting, processing, milling, handling, or shipping lumber or lumber products, the families of such workers, veterans, the elderly and handicapped, and persons and families of low or moderate income. The department may contract for or sponsor, subject to the availability of federal funds, experimental or demonstration projects for permanently fixed or mobile housing designed to meet the special needs of agricultural workers, persons displaced by action of any local public entity, the handicapped, the elderly, veterans, Indians, and persons and families of low or moderate income. Such contracts or sponsorship agreements may be between the department and local public entities, private enterprise, or nonprofit organizations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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