CA Health & Safety Code Section 50500

The department may, upon receipt of a request of a local public entity, provide advisory assistance or staffing for development of new and rehabilitated housing for persons and families of low or moderate income, the elderly, and persons displaced by governmental action, and in the development of programs to correct or eliminate blight and deterioration and to effect community development or redevelopment. In providing such advisory assistance, the department shall encourage, to the extent possible, the location of housing developments in proximity to public transit service and, in assisting with programs of neighborhood rehabilitation, shall consider the availability of such services. The department may contract with a local public entity to provide any necessary staff services associated with, or required by, a local public entity and which could be performed by the staff of a redevelopment agency or housing authority. The department may provide technical assistance in developing housing for students and faculty of universities and colleges upon the request of a potential housing sponsor, or at the request of the governing board or other agency of a university or college.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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