CA Health & Safety Code Section 46080

In furtherance of his responsibilities under this division and to complement, as necessary, the noise research programs of federal agencies and of other state agencies, the director is authorized to:


Conduct research, and finance research by contract with other public and private bodies, on the effects, measurement, and control of noise, including but not limited to:


Investigation of the psychological and physiological effects of noise on humans and the effects of noise on domestic animals, wildlife, and property, and determination of acceptable levels of noise on the basis of such effects.


Development of improved methods and standards for measurement and monitoring of noise.


Determination of the most effective and practicable means of controlling noise generation, transmission, and reception.


Coordinate with and become knowledgeable concerning the noise research programs of other governmental entities including the federal government.


Disseminate to the public information on the effects of noise, acceptable noise levels, and techniques for noise measurement and control.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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