CA Health & Safety Code Section 44342

The state board shall, on or before May 1, 1989, in consultation with the districts, develop criteria and guidelines for site-specific air toxics emissions inventory plans which shall be designed to comply with the conditions specified in Section 44340 and which shall include at least all of the following:


For each class of facility, a designation of the hazardous materials for which emissions are to be quantified and an identification of the likely source types within that class of facility. The hazardous materials for quantification shall be chosen from among, and may include all or part of, the list specified in Section 44321.


Requirements for a facility diagram identifying each actual or potential discrete emission point and the general locations where fugitive emissions may occur. The facility diagram shall include any nonpermitted and nonprocess sources of emissions and shall provide the necessary data to identify emission characteristics. An existing facility diagram which meets the requirements of this section may be submitted.


Requirements for source testing and measurement. The guidelines may specify appropriate uses of estimation techniques including, but not limited to, emissions factors, modeling, mass balance analysis, and projections, except that source testing shall be required wherever necessary to verify emission estimates to the extent technologically feasible. The guidelines shall specify conditions and locations where source testing, fence-line monitoring, or other measurement techniques are to be required and the frequency of that testing and measurement.


Appropriate testing methods, equipment, and procedures, including quality assurance criteria.


Specifications for acceptable emissions factors, including, but not limited to, those which are acceptable for substantially similar facilities or equipment, and specification of procedures for other estimation techniques and for the appropriate use of available data.


Specification of the reporting period required for each hazardous material for which emissions will be inventoried.


Specifications for the collection of useful data to identify toxic air contaminants pursuant to Article 2 (commencing with Section 39660) of Chapter 3.5 of Part 2.


Standardized format for preparation of reports and presentation of data.


A program to coordinate and eliminate any possible overlap between the requirements of this chapter and the requirements of Section 313 of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986 ( Public Law 99-499).
The state board shall design the guidelines and criteria to ensure that, in collecting data to be used for emissions inventories, actual measurement is utilized whenever necessary to verify the accuracy of emission estimates, to the extent technologically feasible.
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