CA Health & Safety Code Section 44320

This part applies to the following:


Any facility which manufactures, formulates, uses, or releases any of the substances listed pursuant to Section 44321 or any other substance which reacts to form a substance listed in Section 44321 and which releases or has the potential to release total organic gases, particulates, or oxides of nitrogen or sulfur in the amounts specified in Section 44322.


Except as provided in Section 44323, any facility which is listed in any current toxics use or toxics air emission survey, inventory, or report released or compiled by a district. A district may, with the concurrence of the state board, waive the application of this part pursuant to this subdivision for any facility which the district determines will not release any substance listed pursuant to Section 44321 due to a shutdown or a process change.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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