CA Health & Safety Code Section 44273


The Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Fund is hereby created in the State Treasury, to be administered by the commission. The moneys in the fund, upon appropriation by the Legislature, shall be expended by the commission to implement the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program in accordance with this chapter.


Beginning with the integrated energy policy report adopted in 2011, and in the subsequent reports adopted thereafter, pursuant to Section 25302 of the Public Resources Code, the commission shall include an evaluation of research, development, and deployment efforts funded by this chapter. The evaluation shall include all of the following:


A list of projects funded by the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Fund.


The expected benefits of the projects in terms of air quality, petroleum use reduction, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, technology advancement, benefit-cost assessment, and progress towards achieving these benefits.


The overall contribution of the funded projects toward promoting a transition to a diverse portfolio of clean, alternative transportation fuels and reduced petroleum dependency in California.


Key obstacles and challenges to meeting these goals identified through funded projects.


Recommendations for future actions.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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