CA Health & Safety Code Section 40719


Except as provided in subdivision (d), every district board which has adopted an emergency episode plan for ozone or oxidant may conduct hearings on the adoption and implementation of intermittent transportation controls which shall be applicable, upon order of the district board, during periods in the months of June to October, inclusive, when an air pollution emergency, as defined in the Air Pollution Emergency Plan of the state board, has been called.


The district board, in cooperation with representatives of industry, transportation, and local governments in the district, shall conduct the hearings pursuant to subdivision (a) to define and designate the necessary transportation controls. The district board shall prepare and submit to the Legislature within one year a report on the findings from the hearings.


The district board shall incorporate its findings and determinations into the district air quality management plan.


Notwithstanding subdivisions (a) to (c), inclusive, in that portion of the bay district which is subject to the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the commission, at the request of the bay district, shall undertake those duties and responsibilities set forth in subdivisions (a) to (c), inclusive, that relate to the conduct of hearings and the adoption and implementation of intermittent transportation controls and that relate to making recommended findings and determinations for the bay district for incorporation into the bay district’s air quality management plan.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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