CA Health & Safety Code Section 40709.5

Any district which has established a system pursuant to Section 40709 by which reductions in emissions may be banked or otherwise credited to offset future increases in the emissions of air contaminants, or which utilize a calculation method which enables internal emission reductions to be credited against increases in emissions, and as of January 1, 1988, is within a federally designated nonattainment area for one or more air pollutants, shall develop and implement a program which, at a minimum, provides for all of the following:


Identification and tracking of sources possessing emission credit balances accruing from the elimination or replacement of older, higher emitting equipment.


Periodic analysis of the increases or decreases in emissions which occur when credits are used to bring new or modified emission sources into operation.


Procedures for verifying the emission reductions credited to the bank or accruing to internal accounts, and for adjusting of credited emissions based on current district requirements.


Periodic evaluation of the extent to which the system has contributed or detracted from the goal of allowing economic growth and modification of existing facilities, and has contributed to or detracted from the district’s progress toward attainment of ambient air quality standards.


Annual publication of the costs, in dollars per ton, of emission offsets purchased for new or modified emission sources, excluding information on the identity of any party involved in the offset transactions. This publication shall specify, for each offset purchase transaction, the year the offset transaction occurred, the amount of offsets purchased, by pollutant, and the total cost, by pollutant, of the offsets purchased. Each application to use emissions reductions banked in a system established pursuant to Section 40709 shall provide sufficient information, as determined by the district, to perform the cost analysis. The information shall be a public record.
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