CA Health & Safety Code Section 40452

The south coast district shall submit an annual report to the state board and the Legislature summarizing its regulatory activities for the preceding calendar year. The report shall include all of the following:


A summary of each major rule and rule amendment adopted by the south coast district board. The summary shall include emission reductions to be accomplished by each rule or regulation; the cost per ton of emission reduction to be achieved from each rule or regulation; other alternatives that were considered through the environmental assessment process; the cost per ton of comparable emission reductions that could have been achieved from each alternative; a statement of the reason why a given alternative was chosen; the conclusions and recommendations of the district’s socioeconomic analysis, including any evaluations of employment impacts; and the source of funding for the rule or regulation. For the purposes of this subdivision, a major rule or rule amendment is one that is intended to significantly affect air quality or that imposes emission limitations.


The number of permits to operate or to construct, by type of industry, that are issued and denied, and the number of permits to operate that are not renewed.


Data on emission offset transactions and applications, by pollutant, during the previous fiscal year, including an accounting of the number of applications for permits for new or modified sources that were denied because of the unavailability of emission offsets.


The district’s forecast of budget and staff increases proposed for the following fiscal year, and projected for the next two fiscal years. Budget and staff increases shall be related to existing programs and rules, and to new programs or rules to be adopted during the following years. The budget forecast shall provide a workload justification for proposed budget and staff changes and shall identify any cost savings to be achieved by program or staff changes. The budget forecast shall include increases in permit fees and other fees proposed for the following fiscal year and projected for the next two fiscal years.


An identification of the source of all revenues collected that are used, or proposed to be used, to finance activities related to either stationary or nonstationary sources.


The results of the clean fuels program as specified in Section 40448.5. This element of the report shall be submitted biennially.
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