CA Health & Safety Code Section 40440.1


A market-based incentive program adopted pursuant to Section 39616 in the south coast district shall achieve emission reductions across a spectrum of sources by allowing for trading of emissions trading units for quantifiable reductions in emissions from a significant number of different sources, including mobile, area, and stationary, which are within the district’s jurisdiction or which the district is authorized to include in a market-based emissions trading program.


The program may be, but is not required to be, initiated with only a limited number of sources, but, as soon as practical after adoption of the initial program, the district shall amend the program to allow the trading of reductions among the sources initially included in the program and mobile, area, and other stationary sources.


The intent of this section is to allow, not to require, the trading of reductions among a variety of sources. Nothing in this section confers any new authority on the district to regulate mobile, indirect, or areawide sources or to require those sources to participate in a market-based incentive program.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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