CA Health & Safety Code Section 40426.5


Upon the request of any person, or on his or her own initiative, the Attorney General may file a complaint in the superior court for the county in which the south coast district board has its principal office alleging that a member of the south coast district board knowingly or willfully violated any provision of Title 9 (commencing with Section 81000) of the Government Code, setting forth the facts upon which the allegation is based, and asking that the member be removed from office. Further proceedings shall be in accordance as near as may be with rules governing civil actions. If, after trial, the court finds that the member of the south coast district board knowingly violated this section, it shall issue an order removing the member from office.


The remedy provided in this section is in addition to, and not to the exclusion of, any other remedy, sanction, or penalty available pursuant to law.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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