CA Health & Safety Code Section 39806


Money shall be subvened pursuant to this chapter to districts engaged in the reduction of air contaminants pursuant to the basinwide air pollution control plan and related implementation programs. When the state board finds, pursuant to a resolution from the district board, or upon completion of proceedings conducted by the state board pursuant to Sections 39806.5 and 41500, that the district is not so engaged in the reduction of air contaminants, the subvention, or a portion thereof, which would have been allocated to such district pursuant to Section 39802, 39803, or 39804, plus such additional sum as may be necessary, if moneys are available from appropriations for the purposes of this chapter, shall be allocated to the state board itself to carry out the approved plan or program.


The findings of the state board shall be based on criteria established by the state board jointly with the districts for the evaluation of such plans and programs. The criteria shall be less stringent for rural districts, shall be based upon the differences in urban and rural air quality problems, population, and available resources, and shall recognize the transport of air pollutants from metropolitan areas to rural areas.


If the state board acts under this section pursuant to a resolution of the district board, it may do so without proceeding under Sections 39806.5 and 41500.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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