CA Health & Safety Code Section 39802


The state board may subvene up to one dollar ($1) for every dollar budgeted for use by any of the following:


A district whose boundaries include an entire air basin.


Districts whose boundaries together include an entire air basin and which are parties to one joint powers agreement or other enforceable agreement which provides for all of the following:


Uniform rules and regulations among all districts, excluding administrative rules and regulations.


At least four meetings per year of the basinwide air pollution control council formed under Section 40900, or an equivalent procedure for basinwide consideration of policy matters.


Suitable sharing of qualified air pollution personnel and equipment.


(1) Subventions under this section shall not exceed twenty-three cents ($0. 23) per capita, but shall not be less than eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000) for any district, if the district provides the required matching funds, except as specified in paragraph (2).


If a district is a rural district, as defined by the state board, the minimum subvention shall be that specified in Section 39802.5 if the district provides the required matching funds and does one of the following:


Has a fee system that fully recovers the district’s cost of issuing and renewing permits, performing source inspections, determining compliance status, and processing variances for stationary sources which emit 25 or more tons annually of any regulated pollutant.


Provides its matching funds, for any funds authorized by Section 39802.5 in excess of the dollar amount subvened to the district pursuant to this chapter in fiscal year 1986–87, from an increase in moneys budgeted over the level of funding budgeted for the 1986–87 fiscal year.


The merger into a unified or regional district pursuant to this division by any county district shall cause the minimum subvention of the county district to be transferred to the unified district or regional district if the unified district or regional district provides the required matching funds. If portions of a county district are merged into unified or regional districts pursuant to this division, the state board shall apportion, according to population within each portion of the county, the minimum subvention of the county district to the unified districts or regional districts into which the portions of the county district are merged. A unified district or a regional district which has all or a portion of a county district minimum subvention transferred to it under this section may not also receive subventions under the per capita provisions of this section. A subvention made pursuant to Section 39803 shall preclude subvention under this section.
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