CA Health & Safety Code Section 39619.7


A written communication from the state board alleging that an administrative or civil penalty will be, or could be, imposed either by the state board or another party, including the Attorney General, for a violation of air pollution law, shall contain a clear explanation of all of the following:


The manner in which the administrative or civil penalty amount was determined, including the aggravating and mitigating factors the state board considered in arriving at the amount, and, where applicable, the per unit or per vehicle basis for the penalty.


The provision of law or regulations under which the alleged violator is being assessed the administrative or civil penalty, including the reason that provision is most appropriate for that violation.


Whether the administrative or civil penalty is being assessed under a provision of law that prohibits the emission of pollution at a specified level, and if so, a quantification of the specific amount of pollution emitted in excess of that level, where practicable. This quantification may be based on estimates or emission factors.


The information described in subdivision (a) and all final mutual settlement agreements reached between the state board and a person alleged to have violated air pollution laws shall be made available to the public.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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