CA Health & Safety Code Section 37627

The historical rehabilitation financing program may include:


A requirement that rehabilitation financed by the program shall meet standards higher than the applicable state or local standards for rehabilitation of properties, including, but not limited to, design guidelines, standards of aesthetics, use of materials, integrity of design, or historical authenticity.


A provision for limitation of the degree or kind of historical rehabilitation eligible for financing, including, but not limited to, rehabilitation of parapets or dangerous parts of facades of historic properties.


A requirement that the local agency receive a legally binding assurance that the property rehabilitated with financing from this program shall be preserved, subject to reasonable conditions. The form and conditions of such assurance shall be specified in a historical rehabilitation financing program.


A capital outlay program for the historical rehabilitation area which identifies the public improvements needed to support private rehabilitation efforts. Such improvements may include street improvements, street closures, street fixtures, and landscaping.


If the program is likely to result in anticipated increases in rents or other housing costs which would cause displacement of residents of historic properties, or is likely to result in residents paying a disproportionately large percentage of their incomes for housing, a commitment that the local agency shall make efforts to prevent displacement of residents. Such efforts shall include, but are not limited to, utilization of federal, state, or local funding programs which may be available for rent subsidies.


A provision for control of rents if controls are included in order to prevent precipitous increases in rent which the rehabilitation would engender. Such provision may include a requirement that the borrower agree during the term of the loan not to raise the rental amount over an amount which the local agency establishes as a fair rate of return for similar investments and will allow for increases that are reasonably necessary to provide for proper maintenance of the property.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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