CA Health & Safety Code Section 34331

In the operation or management of housing projects an authority shall not do any of the following:


Evict any tenant without reasonable cause and unless the tenant has been given a written statement of such cause.


Directly or indirectly subject any tenant to any punitive action of any kind because of his membership or activity in any tenant organization.


Require that a tenant, in a lease or rental agreement, waive his rights under Section 1942 of the Civil Code, or any other rights as a tenant he might have under California or federal law.


Disclaim liability for injury as a result of its negligence or failure to repair, in any rental agreement or lease.


Terminate or refuse to renew a lease because a tenant has complained to any governmental authority of a possible violation of any building code, health ordinance, or similar regulation or has attempted lawfully to redress his grievances against the authority.


Hold any tenant liable for property damage for which a private tenant would not be liable.


File an eviction action for property damage before a decision has been reached by a grievance panel, if the tenant has requested a grievance hearing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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