CA Health & Safety Code Section 34322.2

Each authority shall adopt and promulgate regulations establishing a plan for selection of applicants to assure equal opportunity and nondiscrimination on grounds of race, color, or national origin. The plan shall include standards for eligibility, procedures for prompt notification of eligibility or disqualification, and procedures for maintaining a waiting list of eligible applicants for whom vacancies are not immediately available. Eligible applicants shall be offered available vacancies in order of application, subject to the following:


Preference categories shall be established to give priority to persons displaced by public or private action.


Priority shall be given within each preference category to families of veterans and servicemen.


The authority may establish occupancy standards, offering available units only to families of appropriate size.


The authority may further limit the offering of available units to families of appropriate qualifications in order to comply with state or federal law or regulations, or contractual agreements with governmental agencies pursuant to such law or regulations.


An applicant may reject, or refuse to promptly occupy, suitable units at two different locations and still be entitled to the next available suitable unit. Nothing in this section shall prevent an authority from suspending processing of applications of persons of low income unlikely to be offered units within two years, or requiring annual renewal of applications, or honoring its obligations to persons of low income determined to be qualified prior to January 1, 1976.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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