CA Health & Safety Code Section 34130


When the legislative body adopts an ordinance declaring the need for a commission, the mayor or chairman of the board of supervisors or similar official, with the approval of the legislative body, shall appoint the number of resident electors of the community as commissioners as the legislative body prescribe by ordinance. The legislative body by ordinance may increase or decrease the number of commissioners. The legislative body, except as otherwise expressly provided in subdivision (b), shall establish and provide for the terms, and removal of the commissioners. The legislative body shall provide procedures for appointment or election of the officers of the commission.


Two of the commissioners shall be tenants of the housing authority if the housing authority has tenants. One such tenant commissioner shall be over the age of 62 years if the housing authority has tenants of such age. If the housing authority does not have tenants, the legislative body shall, by ordinance, provide for appointment to the commission of two tenants of the housing authority within one year after the housing authority first does have tenants. The term of any tenant commissioner appointed pursuant to this subdivision shall be two years from the date of appointment. If a tenant commissioner ceases to be a tenant of the housing authority, he shall be disqualified from serving as a commissioner and another tenant of the housing authority shall be appointed to serve the remainder of the unexpired term. A tenant commissioner shall have all the powers, duties, privileges, and immunities of any other commissioner.


Upon the appointment and qualification of a majority of the commissioners, the commission shall be vested with all the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the members of the redevelopment agency and, if the legislative body so elects, the commissioners of the housing authority. Members of the redevelopment agency and commissioners of a housing authority which has been placed under the jurisdiction of the commission shall have no powers, duties, and responsibilities as long as the commission functions.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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