CA Health & Safety Code Section 33492.11


For purposes of this chapter, this section describes conditions that cause blight:


Buildings in which it is unsafe or unhealthy for persons to live or work. These conditions can be caused by serious building code violations, dilapidation and deterioration, defective design or physical construction, faulty or inadequate infrastructure, or other similar factors.


Factors that prevent or substantially hinder the economically viable reuse or capacity of buildings or areas. This condition can be caused by conditions including, but not limited to, all of the following: a substandard design; buildings that are too large or too small, given present standards and market conditions; age, obsolescence, deterioration, dilapidation, or other physical conditions, that could prevent the highest and best uses of the property. This condition can also be caused by buildings that will have to be demolished, or buildings or areas that have a lack of adequate parking.


Adjacent or nearby uses that are incompatible with each other and that prevent the economic development of those parcels or other portions of the project area.


Buildings on land that, when subdivided, or when infrastructure is installed, will not comply with community subdivision, zoning, or planning regulations.


Properties currently served by infrastructure that does not meet existing adopted utility or community infrastructure standards.


Buildings that, when built, did not conform to the then effective building, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical codes adopted by the community where the project area is located.


Land that contains materials or facilities, including, but not limited to, materials for aircraft landing pads and runways, that will have to be removed to allow development.


Pursuant to Section 33321, a project area need not be restricted to buildings, improvements, or lands which are detrimental or inimical to the public health, safety, or welfare, but may consist of an area where these conditions predominate and injuriously affect the entire area. A project area may include lands, buildings, or improvements which are not detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare, but the inclusion of which is found necessary for the effective redevelopment of the area of which they are a part. Each area included under this section shall be necessary for effective redevelopment, and shall not be included for the purpose of obtaining the allocation of tax-increment revenue from the area pursuant to Section 33670 without other substantial justification for its inclusion.


This section, as amended by the act that adds this subdivision, shall only be applicable to a redevelopment plan adopted or amended on or after the effective date of the act that adds this subdivision. A redevelopment plan adopted pursuant to this chapter prior to the effective date of the act that adds this subdivision shall be subject to this section as it was added by Chapter 944 of the Statutes of 1993.
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