CA Health & Safety Code Section 33201


A legislative body which has declared itself to be the agency pursuant to Section 33200 may by ordinance create a community redevelopment commission. The ordinance shall establish the number of members of the commission, but not less than seven, their terms of office, and the method of their appointment and removal.


(1) No member of the commission shall acquire any interest in any property included within a project area. Any member who owns or has any direct or indirect financial interest in any property within a project area shall immediately make a written disclosure of that interest to the legislative body.


A rental agreement or lease of property which meets all of the following conditions is not an interest in property for purposes of paragraph (1):


The rental or lease agreement contains terms that are substantially equivalent to the terms of a rental or lease agreement available to any member of the general public for comparable property in the project area.


The rental or lease agreement includes a provision which prohibits any subletting, sublease, or other assignment at a rate in excess of the rate in the original rental or lease agreement.


The property which is subject to the rental or lease agreement is used in the pursuit of the principal business, occupation, or profession of the member of the commission.


The member of the commission who obtains the rental or lease agreement immediately makes a written disclosure of that fact to the commission and the legislative body.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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