CA Health & Safety Code Section 33140

If an agency has not redeveloped or acquired land for, or commenced the redevelopment of, a project, or entered into contracts for redevelopment within two years after the adoption of an ordinance pursuant to Section 33101, or, in the case of an agency authorized to transact business and exercise powers by resolution adopted pursuant to the provisions of Section 33101 that were in effect prior to the adoption of that resolution, the legislative body may, by ordinance, declare that there is no further need for the agency. A legislative body shall not adopt an ordinance declaring that there is no further need for the agency if, in one or more project areas, the agency has not complied with subdivision (a) of Section 33333.8. Upon the adoption of the ordinance, the offices of the agency members are vacated and the capacity of the agency to transact business or exercise any powers is suspended until the legislative body adopts an ordinance declaring the need for the agency to function.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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