CA Health & Safety Code Section 25513


Each administering county or city may, upon a majority vote of the governing body, adopt a schedule of fees to be collected from each business required to submit a business plan pursuant to this article that is within its jurisdiction. The governing body may provide for the waiver of fees when a business, as defined in paragraph (3), (4), or (5) of subdivision (c) of Section 25501, submits a business plan. The fee shall be set in an amount sufficient to pay only those costs incurred by the unified program agency in carrying out this article. In determining the fee schedule, the unified program agency shall consider the volume and degree of hazard potential of the hazardous materials handled by the businesses subject to this article.


A unified program agency shall not impose a fee upon a business that is implementing an architectural paint recovery program approved by the Department of Resources Recovery and Recycling pursuant to Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 48700) of Part 7 of Division 30 of the Public Resources Code and that is exempt from the business plan requirements pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) of Section 25507, for the cost of processing that exemption.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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