CA Health & Safety Code Section 25400.19

Within five working days after receiving a notification from a law enforcement agency of known or suspected contamination of a property by a methamphetamine laboratory activity, or upon notification from the property owner, the local health officer shall inspect the property, including the mobilehome, manufactured home, or recreational vehicle and the land on which it is located, pursuant to this section. In the case of a mobilehome, manufactured home, or recreational vehicle, that is property pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (t) of Section 25400.11, the local health officer shall make the determination specified in subdivision (e) of Section 25400.20 regarding the cause of the contamination and responsibility for the remediation required pursuant to this chapter.


The property inspection shall include, but not be limited to, obtaining evidence of hazardous chemical use or storage and documentation of evidence of any chemical stains, cooking activity and release or spillage of hazardous chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.


In conducting an inspection pursuant to this section, the local health officer may request copies of any law enforcement reports, forensic chemist reports, and any hazardous waste manifests, to evaluate all of the following:


The length of time the property was used as an illegal methamphetamine manufacturing or storage site.


The extent of the property actually used and contaminated in the manufacture of methamphetamine or the storage of methamphetamine or a hazardous chemical.


The chemical process that was involved in the illegal methamphetamine manufacturing.


The chemicals that were removed from the scene.


The location of the illegal methamphetamine manufacturing or storage site in relation to the habitable areas of the property.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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