CA Health & Safety Code Section 25395.96


If, upon review of the site assessment prepared pursuant to this article, the agency determines that a response action is necessary to prevent or eliminate an unreasonable risk, the bona fide purchaser, innocent landowner, or contiguous property owner shall submit a response plan to the agency to conduct a response action at the site, in conformance with the agreement entered into pursuant to Section 25395.92. The response plan shall include all of the following:


The response plan shall provide for an opportunity for the public, other agencies, and the host jurisdiction to participate in decisions regarding the response action, taking into consideration the nature of the community interest, and shall include all of the following:


Thirty days before taking action pursuant to the response plan, the agency shall take all of the following actions:


Notify all other appropriate governmental entities and local agencies, including, but not limited to, the department, the regional board, or a redevelopment agency, that is not a party to the response plan regarding the proposed response plan.


Place a notice in a newspaper of general circulation, in the area of the site, including, but not limited to, a community-based newspaper, as appropriate.
(iii)Post notice of the proposed response plan on the site.


All of the following methods for public participation shall be included in the response plan:


Thirty days’ prior public notice in a factsheet format of the proposed response plan, in English and in any other language commonly spoken in the area of the site.


Access, at both the agency and at local repositories, to the proposed response plan, site assessment, addenda, and any other supporting documentation, including materials listed as references in the response plan and site assessment.
(iii)Procedures for providing a reasonable opportunity to comment on the plan and related documents specified in clause (ii).


If a public meeting is requested, the holding of a public meeting by the agency in the area to receive comments.


The agency’s consideration of any comments received before taking any action regarding the response plan.


The response plan may also provide for, but is not limited to, proposing the use of other methods for public participation, including the use of public notices, direct notification of interested parties, electronic copies of the response plan, site assessment addenda, and other supporting documentation, including materials listed as references in the response plan and site assessment, electronic comment forms, forming advisory groups, as appropriate, to disseminate information and assist the agency in gathering public input, additional public meetings or public hearings, and an opportunity to comment on the proposed response plan prior to approval.


The agency, as part of its communications with affected communities, shall provide information regarding the process by which decisions about the site are made and the recourse that is available for those who may disagree with an agency decision.


The agency shall consider the issue of environmental justice, as defined in subdivision (e) of Section 65040.12 of the Government Code, for communities most impacted, including low-income and racial minority populations before taking action on the response plan.


To the extent possible, the agency shall coordinate its public participation activities with those undertaken by the host jurisdiction and other agencies associated with the development of the property, to avoid duplication to the extent feasible.


It is the intent of the Legislature that the public participation process established pursuant to this paragraph ensures full and robust participation of a community affected by this chapter.


Identification of the release or threatened release that is the subject of the response plan and documentation that the plan is based on an adequate characterization of the site.


An identification of the response plan objectives and the proposed remedy, and an identification of the reasonably anticipated future land uses of the site and of the current and projected land use and zoning designations. This identification shall include confirmation by the host jurisdiction that the anticipated future land uses and current and projected land uses and zoning designations are accurate.


A description of activities that will be implemented to control any endangerment that may occur during the response action at the site.


A description of any land use control that is part of the response action.


A description of wastes other than hazardous materials at the site and how they will be managed in conjunction with the response action.


Provisions for the removal of containment or storage vessels and other sources of contamination, including soils and free product, that cause an unreasonable risk.


Provisions for the agency to require further response actions based on the discovery of hazardous materials that pose an unreasonable risk to human health and safety or the environment that are discovered during the course of the response action or subsequent development of the site.


Any other information that the agency determines is necessary.


The agency shall evaluate the adequacy of the plan submitted pursuant to subdivision (a) and shall approve the plan if the agency makes all of the following findings:


The plan contains the information required by subdivision (a).


When implemented, the plan will place the site in a condition that allows it to be used for its reasonably anticipated future land use without unreasonable risk to human health and safety and the environment.


The plan addresses any public comments.


If applicable, the plan provides for long-term operation and maintenance, including land use and engineering controls, that are part of the remedy contained in the response plan.


(1)On or before 60 days after the date an agency receives a response plan, the agency shall make a written determination that proper completion of the response plan constitutes “appropriate care” for purposes of subdivision (a) of Section 25395.67.


Upon approval of the response plan by the agency, the agency shall notify all appropriate persons, including the host jurisdiction.


If the use of the property changes, after a response plan is approved, to a use that requires a higher level of protection, the agency may require the preparation and implementation of a new response plan pursuant to this article.


The owner of a site shall not make any change in use of a site inconsistent with any land use control recorded for the site, unless the change is approved by the agency in accordance with subdivision (f) of Section 25395.99.
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