CA Health & Safety Code Section 25395.106


This article does not provide immunity from any of the following:


Liability for bodily injury or wrongful death.


A requirement imposed under Chapter 6.5 (commencing with Section 25100), including, but not limited to, corrective action and closure and postclosure requirements.


A criminal act.


A permit violation.


A contractual indemnity agreement between a purchaser and seller of real property.


New releases, other than de minimis releases, of hazardous materials that are caused or contributed to by a bona fide ground tenant.


This article does not limit the authority of an agency to conduct a response action that is necessary to protect public health and safety or the environment pursuant to an applicable statute.


This article does not do either of the following:


Limit a defense to liability that may be available to a person under any other provision of law.


Impose a new obligation on a bona fide ground tenant other than those specifically assumed by the bona fide ground tenant under an agreement entered into pursuant to this article.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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