CA Health & Safety Code Section 25296.35


The board shall develop, implement, and maintain a system for storing and retrieving data from cases involving discharges of petroleum from underground storage tanks to allow regulatory agencies and the general public to use historic data in making decisions regarding permitting, land use, and other matters. The system shall be accessible to government agencies and the general public and shall include the reports submitted to the board by regional boards or local agencies pursuant to Section 25295. A site included in the data system shall be clearly designated as having no residual contamination if, at the time a closure letter is issued for the site pursuant to Section 25296.10 or at any time after that closure letter is issued, the board determines that no residual contamination remains on the site.


For purposes of this section, “residual contamination” means the petroleum that remains on a site after a corrective action has been carried out and the cleanup levels established by the corrective action plan for the site, pursuant to subdivision (g) of Section 2725 of Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations, have been achieved.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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