CA Health & Safety Code Section 25186.2.5

The department may temporarily suspend the operation of a facility operating under an expired permit that has been extended pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of Section 25200 or an interim status pursuant to Section 25200.5 prior to a hearing if the department determines that the action is necessary to prevent or mitigate a risk to the public health or safety or the environment. The department shall notify the owner and operator of the facility of the temporary suspension and the effective date of the temporary suspension and at the same time shall serve the person with an accusation. Upon receipt by the department of a notice of defense to the accusation from the owner or operator of the facility, the department shall, within 15 days, set the matter for a hearing, which shall be held as soon as possible, but not later than 30 days after receipt of the notice. The temporary suspension shall remain in effect until the hearing is completed and the department has made a final determination on the merits, which shall be made within 60 days after the completion of the hearing. If the determination is not transmitted within this period, the temporary suspension shall be of no further effect.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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