CA Health & Safety Code Section 18119


If the license fee has not been paid on or before the 60th day following the date on which the fee became delinquent, the department shall mail a notice to the registered owner, legal owner and each junior lienholder shown on the permanent title record as of that date, containing the following information:


That the license fee is delinquent.


That the manufactured home or mobilehome will become subject to a penalty of fifty dollars ($50) per transportable unit pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 18116, if the fees and penalties are not paid on or before the 120th day after the date of delinquency.


On or before the last day of each calendar month, the department shall furnish a listing of new registrations and transfers of title to manufactured homes and mobilehomes subject to local property taxation under Section 5801 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, and of all voluntary transfers to local property taxation, as provided in subdivision (c), to the county assessor of the county in which the manufactured home or mobilehome is sited.


The department shall transfer a manufactured home or mobilehome which is subject to vehicle license fee to local property taxation upon a request for the transfer, as prescribed by the department, executed by the registered owner, legal owner, and each junior lienholder. Transfer pursuant to this subdivision shall be final. Persons obtaining such a transfer thereby waive all entitlement to petition for reinstatement to the vehicle license fee, and are not entitled to the refund of any vehicle registration fees or vehicle license fees paid which apply to the period between the date of voluntary transfer and the expiration of the registration period for which the fees were paid.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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