CA Health & Safety Code Section 18063

It is unlawful for a salesperson to do any of the following:


At the time of employment, not deliver to his or her employing dealer his or her salesperson’s license or 90-day certificate.


Fail to report in writing to the department every change of residence within five days of the change.


Act or attempt to act as a salesperson while not employed by a dealer. For purposes of this subdivision, “employment by a dealer” means employment reported to the department pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 18060.


To violate Section 798.71 or 798.74 of the Civil Code, or both.


When the salesperson is an owner or manager, or an agent of the owner or manager, of a mobilehome park and serves as the salesperson for a manufactured home or mobilehome to be installed or sold in the park, to knowingly violate Section 798.72, 798.73, 798.73.5, 798.75.5, or 798.83 of the Civil Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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