CA Health & Safety Code Section 1796.29

The department shall do both of the following in the administration of the home care aide registry:


Establish and maintain on the department’s Internet Web site the registry of registered home care aides and home care aide applicants.


To expedite the ability of a consumer to search and locate a registered home care aide or home care aide applicant, the Internet Web site shall enable consumers to look up the registration status by providing the registered home care aide’s or home care aide applicant’s name, registration number, registration status, registration expiration date, and, if applicable, the home care organization with which the affiliated home care aide is associated.


The Internet Web site shall not provide any additional, individually identifiable information about a registered home care aide or home care aide applicant. The department may request and may maintain additional information for registered home care aides or home care aide applicants, as necessary for the administration of this chapter, that shall not be publicly available on the home care aide registry.


Update the home care registry upon receiving notification from a home care organization that an affiliated home care aide is no longer employed by the home care organization.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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