CA Health & Safety Code Section 17921.4


A nonwater-supplied urinal approved for installation or sold in this state shall satisfy all of the following requirements:


Meet performance, testing, and labeling requirements established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard A112.19.19-2006.


Be listed by an American National Standards Institute accredited third-party certification agency to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard A112.19.19-2006.


Provide a trap seal that complies with the California Plumbing Code.


Permit the uninhibited flow of waste through the urinal to the sanitary drainage system.


Be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions after installation.


Be installed with a water supply rough-in to the urinal location that would allow a subsequent replacement of the nonwater-supplied urinal with a water-supplied urinal if desired by the owner or if required by the enforcement agency.


As used in this section, the following terms have the following meanings:


“Building” means any structure subject to this part, and any structure subject to the California Building Standards Law as set forth in Part 2.5 (commencing with Section 18901).


“Water supply rough-in” means the installation of water distribution and fixture supply piping sized to accommodate a water-supplied urinal to an in-wall point immediately adjacent to the urinal location.


Nothing in this section shall restrict the authority of the California Building Standards Commission to require any additional conditions on the installation and use of nonwater-supplied urinals.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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