CA Health & Safety Code Section 1765.130


Any applicant under this chapter shall file with the state department an application. The application shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the state department that shall contain any information as may be required by the state department for the proper administration and enforcement of this chapter.


An applicant health facility or clinic pursuant to this chapter shall submit an application to the licensing and certification district office of the state department stating with specificity all of the following:


The proposed service to be provided.


The expected hours and days of operation.


The type and the manufacturer of the mobile unit contemplated.


The proposed area or areas where the mobile unit will be providing services.


An applicant for licensure as an independently licensed clinic under this chapter shall submit a verified application to the state department on the appropriate forms for the type of clinic for which it wishes to obtain licensure.


Prior to granting approval to an applicant parent facility for operation of a mobile unit under the parent facility’s existing licensure pursuant to this chapter, or prior to granting license for an independent mobile unit, the state department shall conduct an onsite inspection, including, but not limited to, a review of policies and procedures.


Supplemental services offered via mobile units shall be listed by the state department as an approved or supplemental service on the license of the parent facility.


Licenses issued by the state department authorizing operation of a mobile unit as an addition to existing parent facility licensure shall be posted at the parent facility. Licenses authorizing operation of a clinic as a mobile unit shall be posted at the administrative headquarters of the licensee. A true copy of the license shall be posted within the mobile unit.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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