CA Health & Safety Code Section 17062.5

All fines, civil penalties, and damages awarded pursuant to this part shall be paid as provided in this section. The court order shall direct payment of these moneys for the costs authorized by subdivision (a) of Section 17062 or subdivision (d) of Section 17055. Thereafter, 50 percent of the balance of the total award shall be paid to the agency, person, or entity to which subdivision (a) of Section 17062 or subdivision (d) of Section 17055 is applicable. The balance of the award, if at least one thousand dollars ($1,000) is paid to that agency, person, or entity, shall be deposited in the Farmworker Housing Grant Fund, created pursuant to Section 50517.5, for expenditure by the department without further appropriation in a manner consistent with the other requirements of Section 50517.5, for any of the following purposes:


Rental housing that serves lower and very low income households, as defined in Sections 50079.5 and 50105, respectively, who are agricultural employees.


Rental dormitories for unaccompanied men or women who are agricultural employees.


Rehabilitation or replacement of existing employee housing for seasonal use.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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