CA Health & Safety Code Section 16100

As used in this chapter:


“Earthquake hazard mitigation technologies” includes, but is not limited to, seismic isolation, energy dissipation, ductility, damping systems, and other technologies which endeavor to reasonably protect buildings and nonstructural components, building contents, and functional capability from earthquake damage. Earthquake hazard mitigation technologies do not include those technologies with detailed code provisions in the 1988 edition of the model codes as defined in Section 18916.


“Life cycle cost” includes, but is not limited to, the present value of the cost of initial construction, earthquake insurance premiums, operating and maintenance costs, physical earthquake damage cost to the facility, and related earthquake disruption costs including, but not limited to, loss of production or loss of business anticipated over the projected useful life of the building.


“Peer review” is a review conducted by a multidisciplinary group of experienced technical professionals, including, but not limited to, architects and structural and geotechnical engineers who have recognized expertise in the design and performance of earthquake hazard mitigation technologies, who are independent of the subject of the review, and who are peers with the same professional registration as that of the design professionals responsible for the subject of the review.


“Public agency” means any state agency, any county, city and county, city, regional agency, public district, redevelopment agency, or any other political subdivision.
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