California Health and Safety Code

Sec. § 1599.69


The contract of admission for any long-term health care facility that is a Medi-Cal certified facility shall state in bold capital letters of not less than 10-point type that neither the prospective resident, nor his or her representative, may be required to pay privately for any period during which the resident has been approved for payment by Medi-Cal, and that as provided by Section 14019.3 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, upon presentation of the Medi-Cal card or other proof of eligibility, the facility shall submit a Medi-Cal claim for reimbursement, subject to the rules and regulations of the Medi-Cal program, and the facility shall return any and all payments made by the beneficiary, or any person on behalf of the beneficiary, for Medi-Cal program covered services upon receipt of Medi-Cal payment. The contract shall state in bold capital letters of not less than 10-point type that no certified facility may require as a condition of admission, either in its contract of admission or by oral promise prior to signing the contract, that residents remain in private pay status for a specified period of time.


No contract of admission may require notice of a resident’s intent to convert to Medi-Cal status prior to the date of the resident’s application for Medi-Cal status. This subdivision does not preclude the facility from requesting notice from a resident who has been admitted.

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