CA Health & Safety Code Section 1596.603


Each person initiating a background examination to be a trustline provider shall either obtain two sets of fingerprints from a law enforcement agency or other local agency on a fingerprint card authorized by the Department of Justice and shall submit the fingerprints, or send his or her fingerprints to the Department of Justice by electronic transmission in a manner approved by the department, unless exempted in subdivision (e), and a completed trustline application to the department, or the local child care resource and referral agency which will immediately forward the application package to the department. The agency taking the fingerprints shall inscribe the serial number from the identification card described in Section 1596.601 on the fingerprint cards.


A law enforcement agency or other local agency authorized to take fingerprints may charge a reasonable fee to offset the costs of fingerprinting for the purposes of this chapter.


Upon receipt, the department shall transmit the fingerprint card and a copy of the application to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice shall use the fingerprints and the application to search the state and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history information pursuant to Section 1596.871 and the automated child abuse system pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 1596.877.


A person who is a current licensee or employee in a facility licensed by the department need not submit fingerprints to the department and may transfer their criminal record clearance pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1596.871. The person shall instead submit to the department, along with the person’s application, a copy of the person’s identification card described in Section 1596.601 and sign a declaration verifying the person’s identity. A willful false declaration is a violation of this subdivision punishable in the same manner as provided under Section 1596.890.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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