CA Health & Safety Code Section 1569.683


In addition to complying with other applicable regulations, a licensee of a residential care facility for the elderly who sends a notice of eviction to a resident shall set forth in the notice to quit the reasons relied upon for the eviction, with specific facts to permit determination of the date, place, witnesses, and circumstances concerning those reasons. In addition, the notice to quit shall include all of the following:


The effective date of the eviction.


Resources available to assist in identifying alternative housing and care options, including public and private referral services and case management organizations.


Information about the resident’s right to file a complaint with the department regarding the eviction, with the name, address, and telephone number of the nearest office of community care licensing and the State Ombudsman.


The following statement: “In order to evict a resident who remains in the facility after the effective date of the eviction, the residential care facility for the elderly must file an unlawful detainer action in superior court and receive a written judgment signed by a judge. If the facility pursues the unlawful detainer action, you must be served with a summons and complaint. You have the right to contest the eviction in writing and through a hearing.”


The licensee, in addition to either serving a 30-day notice, or seeking approval from the department and serving three days notice, on the resident, shall notify, or mail a copy of the notice to quit to, the resident’s responsible person.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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