CA Health & Safety Code Section 1569.150


The department and the licensing agencies with which it contracts for licensing shall review and make a final determination within 60 days of an applicant’s submission of a complete application on all applications for a license to operate a residential care facility for the elderly if the applicant possesses a current valid license to operate a residential care facility for the elderly at another site. Applicants shall note on the application, or in a cover letter to the application, that they possess a current valid license at another site, and the number of that license.


The department shall request a fire safety clearance from the appropriate fire marshal within five days of receipt of an application described in subdivision (a). The applicant shall be responsible for requesting and obtaining the required criminal record clearances.


If the department for any reason is unable to comply with subdivision (a), it shall, within 60 days of receipt of the application described in subdivision (a), grant a provisional license to the applicant to operate for a period not to exceed six months, except as provided in subdivision (d). While the provisional license is in effect, the department shall continue its investigation and make a final determination on the application before the provisional license expires. The provisional license shall be granted, provided the department knows of no life safety risks, the criminal records clearances, if applicable, are complete, and the fire safety clearance is complete. The director may extend the term of a provisional license for an additional six months at the time of the application, if the director determines that more than six months will be required to achieve full compliance with licensing standards due to circumstances beyond the control of the applicant, and if all other requirements for a license have been met.


If the department does not issue a provisional license pursuant to subdivision (c), the department shall issue a notice to the applicant identifying whether the provisional license has not been issued due to the existence of a life safety risk, lack of a fire safety clearance, lack of a criminal records clearance, failure to complete the application, or any combination of these reasons. If a life safety risk is identified, the risk preventing the issuance of the provisional license shall be clearly explained. If a lack of the fire safety clearance is identified, the notice shall include the dates on which the department requested the clearance and the current status of that request, and the fire marshal’s name and telephone number to whom a fire safety clearance request was sent. The department shall identify the names of individuals for whom criminal records clearances are lacking. If failure to complete the application is identified, the notice shall list all of the forms or attachments that are missing or incorrect. This notice shall be sent to the applicant no later than 60 days after the applicant filed the application. If the reasons identified in the notice are corrected, the department shall issue the provisional license within five days after the corrections are made.


The department shall, immediately after January 1, 1993, develop expedited procedures necessary to implement subdivisions (a), (b), (c), and (d).


The department shall, immediately after January 1, 1993, develop an appeal procedure for applicants under this section for both denial of licenses and delay in processing applications.
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