CA Health & Safety Code Section 1507.6


Mental health services, as deemed necessary by the placing agency, may be provided to children in a group home. Except for the physical safety and direct care and supervision of children so placed, the State Department of Social Services and its agents shall not evaluate or have responsibility or liability for the evaluation of mental health services provided in those homes. Supervision of mental health treatment services provided to a child in a group home shall be a case management responsibility of the placing agency.


(1)Psychotropic medications shall be used only in accordance with the written directions of the physician prescribing the medication and as authorized by the juvenile court pursuant to Section 369.5 or 739.5 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.


The facility shall maintain in a child’s records all of the following information:


A copy of any court order authorizing the psychotropic medication for the child.


A separate log for each psychotropic medication prescribed for the child, showing all of the following:


The name of the medication.


The date of the prescription. (iii)The quantity of medication and number of refills initially prescribed.


When applicable, any additional refills prescribed.


The required dosage and directions for use as specified in writing by the physician prescribing the medication, including any changes directed by the physician.


The date and time of each dose taken by the child.


This subdivision does not apply to a runaway and homeless youth shelter, as defined in Section 1502.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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