CA Health & Safety Code Section 14954


Cigarettes that are certified by a manufacturer in accordance with Section 14953 shall be marked on the packaging and case to indicate compliance with the requirements of this part. Marking shall be in 8-point type or larger and consist of one of the following:


Modification of the universal product code to include a visible mark printed at or around the area of that code. The mark may consist of alphanumeric or symbolic characters permanently stamped, engraved, embossed or printed in conjunction with the universal product code.


Any visible combination of alphanumeric or symbolic characters permanently stamped, engraved, or embossed upon the cigarette packaging or cellophane wrap.


Printed, stamped, engraved, or embossed text on the cigarette packaging that indicates that the cigarettes meet California standards.


Before a certified cigarette can be sold in the state, a manufacturer shall submit its proposed marking to the State Fire Marshal. The State Fire Marshal shall approve the marking upon a finding that it is compliant with the criteria outlined in subdivision (a). Proposed markings shall be deemed approved if the State Fire Marshal fails to act within 10 business days of receiving a proposed marking. A marking in use and approved for the sale of cigarettes in the State of New York shall be deemed approved.


A manufacturer must use only one marking and must apply this marking uniformly for all packagings, including, but not limited to, packages, cartons, and cases, and brands marketed by that manufacturer.


A manufacturer who modifies its marking shall notify the State Fire Marshal of this change and submit to the State Fire Marshal a copy of the new marking which shall comply with subdivisions (a) and (b).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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